Error targeting

Error targeting

Displaying your Smart Tooltip at the right moment with the right message is the key to success. With the  error targeting  option, you can target specific errors on a form field to tailor the message.

For example, we imagine having an account creation form with a field email address . On that particular field, multiple error messages could be displayed, like:
  1. Please enter your email address
  2. Invalid email address format
  3. An account with this email address already exists
  4. Etc

Getting started

  1. Setup your Smart Tooltip as usual
  2. Add the  error targeting  feature from the  Configuration and targeting options  on the left side of the screen
  3. Enter one or multiple keywords per line
    1. The usage of wildcards (*) is allowed and will match one or multiple characters
  4. Save, preview, test and publish your Smart Tooltip

Validation error type targeting

When your form implements HTML5 specific form fields like type="email" , type="tel" or uses pattern="regex" validation, you have the ability to target those specific types of errors. You can target one of the lines below as a specific error keyword .
  1. "badInput":true
  2. "customError":true
  3. "patternMismatch":true
  4. "rangeOverflow":true
  5. "rangeUnderflow":true
  6. "stepMismatch":true
  7. "tooLong":true
  8. "tooShort":true
  9. "typeMismatch":true
  10. "valid":true
  11. "valueMissing":true
For more information on what each of the validation errors mean:
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