Exatom Session Replays

Getting started with Session Replays

Once your forms are set up within the platform, you can enable Session Replays by clicking the three dots (...) menu on the top right and clicking "Enable session replays" or by expanding the Expert options in the bottom left part of the form and enable session replays.

By default, we start recording customer behaviour when they start filling in your form. This gives you the best starting point for analysing and optimising your form. For addressing more specific use cases, you can instruct the platform to start a recording on various other events like:

  • Form - start hesitation: When a customer hesitates longer to begin filling in your form than the average customer. Our data science model automatically calculates your form's hesitation time for the last seven days, so it's personalised for each form.

  • Field focus: When a customer clicks or moves with keyboard controls to a field.

  • Field leave: When a customer goes away from a field. This occurs by moving to another field or section of the page/website.

  • Field correction: When a customer changes the value of a field for the second time. A correction is only counted when the customer returns to a field from another one.

  • Field hesitation: When a customer is not attempting to fill in a field within the average hesitation time of your converters, this event is triggered.

  • Pageview: Start recording customers' behaviour immediately when your form is loaded. This gives you the most recordings, including customers who did not interact with your form.

  • Form start (default): When a customer interacts with your form. An interaction is defined as beginning to fill out your form (fill a field, change a checkbox/dropbown/etc). Clicking on or moving between fields without changing its data is not considered a start activity.

Contact your account manager if you do not see the option to enable Session Replays.


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