Exatom Session Replays

How Session Replays assist you in optimising your forms

With Exatom Session Replays, often called screen- or session recordings, you see the actions and behaviour of your customers on your forms, like seeing a video of their screen. They capture the customer’s entire behaviour, including mouse movements, clicks, scrolling behaviour, anonymous form inputs, and other on-screen actions. These recordings provide a detailed visual representation of how users engage with your forms.

Where Form Analytics help you to gain insights into the quantitative side of your forms (numbers, how many/how much), Session Replays help you to understand the qualitative side of the customers' behaviour on your forms (observation and understanding why). Combining both gives you a comprehensive understanding of user experiences on your forms.

Integrated on top of your Form Analytics data
While Session Replays provide value on their own, we understand it takes tremendous time for teams to find, analyse and pinpoint critical ones. To make that discovery process much more accessible, we deeply integrated Session Replays with our Form- and Field metrics data. Allowing you to first define areas for improvement based on analytical data like submission errors, correction- or autofill rates and then click-through to see only those Session Replays of customers that showed the highest friction.

For example, when the field metrics disclose 8 abandoners after filling in their Date of Birth info, you can click on the number 8 and immediately see the list of linked session recordings. A true symbiosis of quantitative and qualitative analysis.

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