Previewing a tooltip on a page that does not allow url parameters

Previewing a tooltip on a page that does not allow url parameters

To preview a Smart Tooltip we reply by adding an additional parameter to the URL of the website. However, some websites do not allow that. The workflow below guides you through the process to manually trigger your Smart Tooltip.

How to manually trigger your Smart Tooltip

TIP: You can preview multiple widgets by entering the preview links one by one following the procedure below. In this way, you can test real customer scenarios.
  1. Go to the edit page of the Smart Tooltip in the Exatom UI
  2. Click the preview button (on the bottom)
  3. Normally, the widget should be displayed, but in case your web application is rewriting the URL, the Smart Tooltip will not show
  4. Leave the page open and go back to the Smart Tooltip in the Exatom UI
  5. Click the arrow on the preview button and click the Copy preview link item
  6. Go back to your website
  7. Click on an empty place of your website (the background or so) and type exatom
  8. Our debugger should pop-up now

Once our debugger is displayed

  1. Click the "[>_]" button in the header of the debugger to open the console
  2. Right-click paste (contol+v or command+v) in the console field and press enter
  3. You should now see a Smart Tooltip (Motivational Widget) event in the debugger and you should be able to test/review your widget now
  4. You can close the debugger by clicking the "[x]" button on the top right

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