Exatom release notes

Release notes

October 26th 2021

IP blocking

When performing tests on your forms you do not want your or your teams test-data to pollute your Exatom insights.

With our IP blocking feature you can block all the IP addresses within your organization or you personal IP addresses if you're often working from home.

Your organizations list of IP addresses are often available at your IT department.

Setting up an IP blocklist

You can setup an IP blocklist at two levels
  1. At your company level, accessible through the menu: Administration > Company
  2. For each individual website, accessible through the menu: Administration > Website > Website N
Within the IP blocklist field you can enter one IP address or IP address range per line.
IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and ranges in (CIDR notation) are accepted.
No more than 10000 IP addresses can be blocked.

What is my or my colleague IP address?

Good question, we've created an handy tool that allows anyone to see its IP address and use that within the Exatom interface.

October 19th 2021

New dashboard

We're proud to announce your new dashboard. Clean, simple and actionable!

You will immediately see an overview of all your forms and what part of your conversion funnel you need to focus on. With a single click on one of the metrics, you'll see insights for each form. 

Actionable insights? The system automatically flags the best and worst performers to make it easy to take the next steps.

Your new dashboard

Your dashboard in detail

The metrics visualised on top are your key metrics

  • Missed conversion opportunity
  • Total conversion value
  • Hesitation and conversion timings
  • Error rate 

The conversion path visualises for each metric its trend, allowing you to see if you're moving in the right direction. A green trend is positive, whereas a red one needs some further actions. 

When clicking on one of those metrics in the dashboard, you will see a detailed overview per form.


October 11th 2021

A new Motivational Widget library

Interacting with your visitors on your forms was never easier. With our pre-defined templates, you can create and design widgets in minutes.

Every website is unique. That is why we use your markup (fonts, spacing, etc..) whilst designing your widget, allowing you to focus on the content while seeing how it will look on your website when activated.

Motivational Widgets use-cases

  • When hesitation is detected on a field

    • Show a message to your visitor that it only takes a minute to sign-up

    • If that field has a high drop-off rate, let your visitors know why you need that information

  • You have a beautifully created landings page, but your form is below the fold? Show a message on-screen that takes your visitors to your form

  • Customer service is essential. Let your visitors know that you value their feedback and what your average response time is

  • Read our case study for Track Assistant: 40 percent more conversions

Performance Alerts intelligence update

With our latest update, it's easier than ever to add or update Alerts for your forms with the platform. 

  • A new visual indicator of your data and the trend 

  • The system will automatically calculate a Suggested Threshold

Our top 3 reasons to add your first Performance Alert
  1. You have a well-performing form but want to make sure when its performance declines, you're immediately notified
  2. Subtle website changes could lead to more hesitation, keep track of your form hesitation time and receive a notification when it increases
  3. You're launching a new website and you want to make sure your forms keep performing good or better as before

July 20th 2021

Automatic form detection

Previously you needed to know what pages on your website host a form before adding it to the platform. While that is a handy option if you only have a few forms, it still requires you to go back and forth between your website and the Exatom platform.

Today we're introducing automatically detected forms. Within the platform, we'll present you with a list of forms that we've detected so you can add them with ease to the list of analysed forms.

On the forms overview page, we'll show you a notification when we've found new forms, and with only two clicks, you can add them.

Additionally, when we detect the same form on multiple pages, we'll automatically add those pages to the additional URL's section of the form setup, so you're capturing the maximum number of insights.

Support for forms behind a subscription or login portal

We're happy to announce that forms hosted within a login protected environment can now be added to the platform too. Your customer specific or internal forms will now also show up next to all the other automatically detected forms.

Examples of new forms that you can add

  • E-commerce account setup forms after subscription
  • Shopping cart checkout processes
  • Internal web-application forms
  • And more

Support for dynamic forms

Depending on the technologies used on your website, it could be that new forms dynamically appear or are generated based on visitors behaviour. The same applies to fields within forms; it could be that after filling in one field that another one appears.

With this update, we're fully supporting dynamic forms, and you'll be able to analyse the behaviour.

Our autofill and error detection algorithms will continue to work on those dynamic forms and fields too!

Let us know if there are any forms that you cannot add to the platform; we'll see what the possibilities are.

Reporting updates

Errors and autofill metrics are key insights for identifying form fields that cause friction or suffer from too-early validation. We've added two new filters that help you to drill down into those areas.

Other updates

  • Keep track of your subscription usage
    • On the websites overview and edit page we'll now show you your subscription usage
  • When your forms are using the <FIELDSET> and corresponding  <LABEL> tags to identify sections of your forms, we'll use that as a pre-fix for your field names so you can quickly identify those sections
  • Performance alerts
    • We made it easier to select the metric and timeframe for your alert
    • We've added several new metrics to configure your alerts on, so there should never be a reason to miss an event
      • Abandoners and abandonment rate
      • Conversions and conversion rate
      • Duration to conversion
      • Errors and error rate
      • Hesitation time
      • Sessions
      • Starts and start rate
      • Initial submit but abandoned and initial submit but abandoned rate
      • Submits and submit rate
      • Submits failed and Submits failed rate

June 23rd 2021

  1. Reporting updates
    1. We've added three new filters for all reports
      1. Countries: see what your primary market is and how they compare to others
      2. Devices: gain insights in how visitors navigate through your form on Mobile, Desktop and other device-types
      3. Browsers: detect differences in behavior for each browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc
    2. Form engagement metrics
      1. We made it easier to compare different data-points
        1. When hovering over a data-point within the graphs for seeing the exact numbers, that same tooltip is now also displayed on all other graphs
    3. Field metrics
      1. Field-names are ordered by natural fill-in order. We've added a tooltip on the column header and field-names to indicate that
      2. Address an issue where in some browsers the field metrics report was not displayed as intended
    4. Loading times
      1. Our reports did already load fast but there was room for improvement, they load now even faster
  1. Motivational Widgets updates
    1. We made it easier to setup your widget
      1. The Where and When sections are now combined
      2. Selecting a trigger is easier now
        1. It's now a two-step selection instead of a huge screen of all your form-fields and all possible events
    2. You have now to option to copy (clone) a widget, allowing you to try-out a quick new version of an existing widget
    3. Loading times
      1. We're loading quite some data in the background to get you started, this is faster now
    4. Better validation and error messages display
  1. Subscription management
    1. When subscribed through the Exatom website you now manage your subscription by clicking on your profile (top-right) and selecting one of the options below
      1. Manage your subscription
      2. Billing history
  1. Support
    1. We've added several links in the user-interface to access our 'Knowledge base' and 'Contact support'
      1. At the bottom of the left-hand menu
      2. In the your-profile menu on the top-right
    2. Do you have a question that you can't find an answer for or have feedback? By clicking on the 'Contact support' you'll be able to send your question over to us from within the user-interface
  1. User experience updates
    1. The login screen now remembers the page you wanted to navigate to when you were not logged in
      1. So clicking those performance alert email messages takes you directly to the notification itself, even if you were logged out
    2. Motivational Widgets
      1. A notice is shown if no forms are available to create a widget for, you can still continue to try to add one to get a feeling what's possible
    3. Form management
      1. We've cleaned-up the URL that was shown
    4. Users with only the Finance role
      1. Will now not get error notification bubbles when logging-in
    5. Administration > users
      1. You can edit a user now also by clicking the email address
  1. Security updates
    1. Password reset and other screens could have your email address in the URL, this was removed

June 4th 2021

  1. Insights filters
    1. It is now possible to drill-down in the reporting to specific groups of visitors and see how they are interacting with your form
    2. Available filters
      1. Initial submit but abandoned: Visitors that had a 'submit failed' but did not try to correct their input and re-submit
      2. Re-submit-success: Visitors that had an initial failure while submitting but refined their input and converted
      3. Converters: Visitors that successfully filled-in your form
    3. The filters are available for all reports
      1. Form engagement metrics
      2. Field metrics
    4. You can access the filters by clicking the filter icon  next to the date selection
  2. Motivational Widgets
    1. Implemented a workflow for indicating if a widget displayed correctly during a preview or not
      1. In case it did not display correctly the system will automatically retry the preview with another positioning strategy
      2. When the positioning fails you have an option to leave a message for customer support to get in touch with you to address the issue at hand
    2. Ability to set the width of your widget
      1. This is an optional setting as the system by default automatically adjusts the widget's width based on the available width on the device (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, ..)
    3. Increased the user-experience during the setup of a Motivational Widget by removing some more technical-options
  3. Field metrics
    1. If the number of errors for a certain field is higher than 25% it will be marked in red to make it more clear
    2. If the width of your screen is smaller than the report itself an indicator is shown that you can scroll to the right side for more insights
  4. Administration
    1. The client-selector is hidden in the administration section as it's not relevant to the actions you are taking there
  5. Bugfixes
    1. Addressed an issue where events from another form on the same page contributed to the metrics of a configured form
    2. Collapsing the menu works again correctly
    3. Website on-boarding did show the continue button even if the tags where not verified
    4. Address an issue where Motivational Widgets did not display on certain form-fields